Keeping you and your loved ones safer than ever

SAFE4R is the worlds most powerful family protection application.

With over 25 powerful features, most of which are triggered automatically with a simple voice command, SAFE4R has created a new layer of protection for ourselves and the people we love and care about. With SAFE4R, we leverage a powerful connectivity engine to allow our loved ones and most importantly people “nearby” to become aware of any medical or criminal crisis that we or our loved ones may be encountering so that they can become a more immediate access point to help. Awareness and the ability to act quickly is many times the most important element in survival of a crisis. SAFE4R’s “Safety Net” and many of its other features help provide those attributes when you need them most. The additional features of 24/7 access to Mental Health Professionals and our incredible robust Missing Persons and Abduction tool makes SAFE4R one of the most powerful safety applications in the world.

How to use it:

We built SAFE4R to be very simple to use. By simply saying a private voice command that you set up or by clicking a single button you activate a powerful engine that triggers a multitude of safety features automatically. By inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join you in the application, you increase the power and reach of your ability to be safer than ever before.